Lessons I Learned at Bloggy Bootcamp #BBCPhilly

Monday, May 21, 2012
Despite how much you know, there is always something to learn. Never was this more clear to me than this past weekend when I attended my second Bloggy Boot Camp.

Tiffany and Fran are the beauty and brains behind SITS Bloggy Boot Camp, a blog conference geared towards beginner, intermediate, and advanced bloggers. What I love about Bloggy Boot Camp is that it's a travelling conference, hitting up to 6 cities per year. For many, travelling to a distant city isn't an option. Often it's a matter of timing. Other times, it's the cost that is often an obstacle. SITS makes it possible to attend a conference within driving distance while taking just a day out of your schedule.

While many bloggers are writing recap posts, I'm taking a different approach. Because I walked away armed with pages upon pages of notes, I thought I'd recap the lessons I learned.

Lessons Learned at Bloggy Boot Camp Philly

1. Work with intention
This was advice that I desperately needed. It seems as though I've been flopping all over the place lately, and I needed someone to set me on the right path.
  •   Set office hours. This will help set expectations with your family. They know when you are off limits, and office hours will help you to better manage your time.
  •   Read email twice per day. Time spent on email is time spent away from something else. Block out time for Facebook and Twitter too.
2. Protect Your Social Identity
Don't post online (whether it's on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) when you are having the worst day of your life. Your brand should reflect the best of you. The worst of times hardly bring out the best in us.

3. Be Seen IRL
Social media by default is an industry in which people hide behind computers, iPads and smart phones. Get out and get in front of others in social media. The best connections and deals are made face-to-face.

4. Know How Much Your Blog Costs Per Day
If your goal is to make money on your blog, you need to know what your blog is costing you per day. From expenses such as domain names and hosting costs to the amount of time that YOU spend on it each day, every expense needs to be taken into consideration.

5. Don't Try to Label Yourself as a Niche Blogger If You Are Not
It's OK to not have a niche. The key is to work your unique angle, and the loyal readers and opportunities will follow.

6. Vlogging is the Next Big Thing
Vlogging is the next big thing in blogging. Vlogging gives your readers a chance to see you in a different way, an active way. They see you and they hear you. What a concept! More and more brands are turning to bloggers who successfully connect with their readers through videos to promote their products. I really need to step up my game here.

7. Be Loyal to Your Readers
  •     - Consistency is key. Post at the same time each day. I need to focus efforts here as I am very inconsistent with my posting schedule.
  •     - Sponsored posts should tell a personal story. Make a connection between you and the sponsoring brand.
  •     - Have your readers' backs. Use language that shows your readers that you are watching out for them. If you are loyal to them, they will reciprocate.
8. Stay Ahead of the Trend
Being the first to blog about a product, a book, a concept, or a current event yields traffic. Be the first to offer it, and the readers are sure to come.

My favorite quote of the day:
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

There were lots of famous people quoted throughout the day, but the above was by far my favorite. When I worked in software consulting, I always said that there were two types of people: the visionaries and the worker bees. Some people have great talent in the form of ideas and concepts. Others are productive and  execute with hard work. There are the lucky ones who have both. On the days when your talent isn't working its A game, stick to good old-fashioned hard work. You won't go wrong.

If you are a blogger and are considering attending Bloggy Boot Camp, you must do it. In addition to a great education, you'll also get to meet and network with incredibly talented women. To be in a room with 150 fellow bloggers who share your vision and your goals not to mention that they just "get" you is priceless. You seriously cannot put a price tag on it. It is so worth the $100.

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Bay said...

Great summary! These are awesome points; I needed them all :)