Objects of My Obsession

Saturday, June 7, 2014
I'm a big believer that life runs much more smoothly when you are organized. I have a place for everything and (usually) try to keep everything in its place. Over the past few weeks, the Hubs and I have done a massive purging of our bedroom, which had come to be a sort of storage area for the family.

As part of my de-cluttering efforts, I've been organizing the items on my dresser and nightstand. The easiest way to do this is with trays. Whether they are made of acrylic, wood, or metal, they are the perfect way to group similar items together. And they look so pretty!

This week's installment of "Objects of My Obsession" is dedicated to a tray that I bought a few weeks ago and was the inspiration behind much of my reorganizing and redecorating.

{Start with a tray. This one is from Target and is available in large, as shown, and a smaller size}

Add go-to items to the tray. These should be things you use daily that are perfect for grab-and-go access. But be careful not to crowd the tray. It's more visually appealing if the items are spaced apart nicely.

A ring dish is must-have. Before buying this landmark ring dish from Anthropologie, I would take my rings off and place them on the vanity in the bathroom and on the kitchen counter. Only to find myself in a complete panic when I couldn't remember where I placed them.

I keep my favorite perfumes on the tray so I can grab and spritz for a finishing touch. Philosophy's Inner Grace is a light, fresh scent, and L'Aromarine Oceane Eau de Toilette is seaside in a bottle.

I keep a few of my favorite bracelets in a little bowl. I bought this bowl at Marshalls, but Anthropologie has a fabulous selection of small bowls and glass measuring cups that are perfect for placing on trays to hold jewelry or hair accessories.

To add a pretty touch to the tray, I included a small candle from Voluspa.

When I bought the tray, I bought these 2 metal boxes at Target as well. I use them for perfume samples and bracelets, They have lids, so you could really put just about anything in here that isn't pretty enough to keep out in the open.

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