Summer To-Do List

Monday, June 30, 2014
Summer is finally here! Now that the kids are out of school, and we have settled into a routine, I thought it was time to put together our summer bucket list. Usually this list is a mile long, and we never accomplish half of what is on the list. Also, much of the list consists of something like "go for a walk in the park". But I've decided that this year, something like that should be a normal part of our summer...not a bucket list item.

This summer, I'm including things that we have wanted to do for quite a few summers but never got around to or something that we love to do each summer and make a point of taking time out of our busy schedules to do, and a few new things that we've never done before and haven't even given it much thought before now.

1. Enjoy a picnic dinner on the beach.

2. Visit the Statue of Liberty.

3.  Find the perfect bathing suit.

4. Do Saturday morning beach yoga with my daughters.

5. Have a New Jersey staycation.

6. Visit the Philadelphia Zoo.

7. Complete my summer reading list.

8. Finish the master bedroom de-clutter/makeover we've been working on.

9. Have a standing, twice-monthly breakfast date with my daughters.

10. Host a wine tasting party for my girlfriends.

What's on your summer must-do list?

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