Loving Lately: V-Neck Sweaters

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Over the weekend while shopping for a few essentials at Target, I also happened to pick up a v-neck sweater. Why can I never go in there and get only what's on my list???

I had no intention of looking in the women's clothing section, but I told myself "oh, what can a little peek hurt?" And actually, in my defense, my little peek only cost me $15.99 (with a Cartwheel offer). I bought the comfiest v-neck sweater in light gray. I am loving it! I've already worn it twice. It's so soft, and it's perfect with boyfriend jeans or a pair of black trousers. So totally versatile.

You can see the v-neck sweater I bought here.

This little sweater has me hooked. So I went in search of some other great deals on similar sweaters and found a plethora of colors and blends (including cashmere) at Uniqlo. Take a look.

You can check out the full collection of Uniqlo sweaters here.

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