Fall Fashion: Rainy Day Chic #fashionfriday

Friday, October 3, 2014
Spring isn't the only rainy season. Here in the northeast, fall has a tendency to be a bit of a soaker, too. There's no reason to look like a drowned rat when you've got the right accessories to do the job. From trench coats and parkas to boots and umbrellas, here are the items you'll need to look chic on a rainy fall day.


Add a little artificial sunshine in the form of bright rainy day accessories. Whether it's a vibrant trench, pair of boots, or a fun umbrella, the bold colors are sure to cheer you up.


Some of my favorite rain gear is neutral. It's classic, chic, and functional. Plus, it pairs well with whatever you happen to be wearing that day. Any one of these outfits would suit me just fine.


If brights or neutrals aren't going to do the trick, try a trench in a fun print. I'm all about anything that makes a rainy day a tad better. The animal print trench is simply fabulous!

Animal print trench $30 / Quilted rain boots $80 / Patterned trench $1,200 (a splurge)/ Short rain boots $138/ Plaid trench $400/ Polka dot rain boots $25

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