Gift Ideas For Kids Who Are Difficult to Buy For

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
When you are searching for gifts for children, it can be easier to find the perfect gift if they have a keen interest in something or if you have some knowledge of the child. Often, we are buying gifts for our children's classmates who we don't know very well, so we tend to leans towards a very generic type of gift such as a gift card.

Shopping for gifts for children who don’t yet have a passion for something in particular can be challenging. You may want to use this as an opportunity to pique their interest in a hobby, or you may invite them to come shopping with you to pick something for themselves at the store.

Planes, trains, and automobiles seem to top the list of gifts to buy for young boys. Sports and animals also feature highly on the list. If your children love planes, it may be worth pursuing gifts in that vein. You may want to pick up a copy of the Disney movie Planes, or check out the Atlas Editions diecast aircraft models. Some children just can’t get enough of the airport to see all the planes taxiing at the terminals. Remote control aircraft are lots of fun but tend to be safer in the hands of teens. Plenty of younger children are generally happy to pretend flying their smaller hand-held toys and models.

Animal figurines come in all shapes, sizes and materials to suit all ages and interests. They are a great way for preschoolers to learn more about the animal kingdom, and older children can collect them as part of a wider interest. Glass and crystal ones are very popular and make great additions to growing collections, but keep in mind that these are unlikely to be ideal for playing with. Toy collections such as My Little Pony have been popular for decades as they are so appealing for young children. My daughters still love their My Little Pony collection.

Some children are very much into sports and may pick just one that they have a big interest in. Gymnastics is huge in our house, and my daughters always love gymnastics-related gifts such as leotards or equipment.

For boys, footballs are always a popular choice. Footballs come in kiddie sizes and softer materials for very small children to handle and throw, such as POOF and NERF. For the die-hard little sports fans, look for memorabilia and collector’s cards for themed gift ideas.

Children need not be difficult to buy gifts for. They often beg and plead with you to buy specific items of interest to them anyway. Toy stores often stock an enormous range of everything you'll ever want, but sometimes it is the lesser known items that make the best gifts.

Trendy toys are hugely popular as well. My girls are always buying the "latest and greatest" toy of the moment. Right now, that toy seems to be Shopkins. Once you get to the toy store, ask an associate what toys are the hottest at the moment and consider buying one of those toys.

Regardless of the gift, kids are always thrilled to open a present and will be delighted with their gifts. Enjoy your time shopping for the kids and don't stress!

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