Farewell to the Bravermans

Thursday, January 29, 2015
Tonight marks the series finale of "Parenthood", the NBC drama that amassed quite a cult following in its six seasons on the air.

I admit, I was a late comer to the "Parenthood" party, having only started watching in November 2014. My introduction came via a flight from Miami to Newark where "Parenthood" was part of American Airlines' in-flight entertainment. The episode was the season 5 finale. I didn't know who anyone was and what the relationships between the characters were, but the acting and plot lines were so riveting that I was hooked after that one episode.

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When I stepped off the plane in Newark, I was like a junkie looking for a fix. I needed more Bravermans, and I could hardly wait. The ride home from the airport was spent plotting how I would effectively utilize Netflix to catch up to the current season of "Parenthood". I had to get through close to six full seasons.

It didn't take long. No big surprise there. Every spare moment I had was spent with the Bravermans. I saw them weather life-threatening illnesses, divorce, Asperger's, a same-sex relationship, adoption, new births, and more.

What sets "Parenthood" apart is the realness of the show and its characters. I can envision any one of these characters in my life. Zeek could easily be my dad or my uncle. Adam could be my brother, husband, or boss. Haddie could be my babysitter. Sarah could and should be my best friend, even my sister. And Kristina. Well, Kristina could be I.

"Parenthood" does life in such a way that you easily forget that you are watching TV. You think, and hope for just a moment, that you are watching home videos. The ensemble casts from veteran actors to those plucked out of obscurity is

I've laughed. I've cried (a lot). And tonight will be no exception. I've got my tissues ready as I ever so reluctantly bid a very fond farewell to my favorite TV family.

You will be missed, Bravermans.

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