How To Build An Easy DIY Chair Fort

Monday, January 26, 2015
This article is sponsored by Pop Secret. All opinions, as always, are my own. To print a $1 off Pop Secret popcorn, click HERE.

Rainy days, cold winter days, and sweltering summer days are the perfect occasions to indulge in some good old fort building.

Today was such an occasion. With a coating of snow on the ground which wasn't enough to play in, we stayed indoors and built a fort instead. There are so many ways to build a fort. We love unleashing our creative sides to try all sorts of possibilities.

Today, we went with one of the simpler forts, a chair fort. 

What You Need:
Chairs (at least 4)
Sheets or blankets (any size will do)
Favorite books
An electronic device to stream Netflix

How To:
Arrange the chairs in a U-shape or circular fashion
Drape the sheets over the top and along the back of the backs of the chairs so that there is a small opening in the front.
Fill it with all your children's favorite things including Pop Secret Popcorn and enjoy!

My daughters insisted that the cat should join them in the fort. He obliged...for a piece of popcorn!

The fort proved to be a quiet place where Harper was able to get some required school reading completed for the week.

Emma fired up Netflix and watched one of her favorite movies High School Musical 2.

Whether your kids are reading, relaxing, or watching a movie in their fort, Pop Secret popcorn is the perfect accompaniment to their fort fun.

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