Fun Projects For Kids To Do At Home to Beat Boredom

Monday, February 16, 2015
The weather is awful, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit in the house with the kids, wishing the time away. There are some great home projects that you can undertake to ensure that you don’t have to hear the most dreaded of phrases, “I’m bored”. When it comes to devising a list of activities, it can irk on the side of dull. But, being armed with some fun projects is an excellent way to beat the winter boredom and to ensure that you have lots of fun and laughs in the process.

Here are some great things that you can do when the weather isn't cooperating on the weekends or during school breaks.

Movie Marathon Madness
A movie marathon is a must on a rainy day. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be glued to the box. You can make your own snacks for your movie marathon. Popcorn is simple to make and is a fun activity all-round. Watching the popcorn form in the saucepan is sure to keep your kids enthralled. You can even make milkshakes or healthy smoothies too. It’s a great way to get your kids in the kitchen, and you'll save money too.

Become a Nature Detective
The weather may be awful, but you don’t want to keep the kids cooped up all day. Give them a notepad and a pen and send them outside in the yard to do some observing. Ask them to jot down animals and plants that they see. Ask them to make note of the sky and the weather. You can even get them to draw things that they find. Encourage them to collect rocks, leaves and pine cones and make a fun collage when the nature hunt has ended.

Baking and Cooking: Getting Messy in the Kitchen
Baking is an excellent way to keep your kids riveted this half term. But, you don’t have to stick to cupcakes. There are lots of fun ways that you can cook up a storm. You can make jam tarts, scones and other tea time treats. Kids will love the messy element of baking, but they will also be learning some valuable life skills in the process. Everyone is a winner!

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Revamp Old Clothes: It’s Time to Tie Dye
Tie dye has long been an easy way to revamp old clothes. You can even pick up some plain white t-shirts from a local thrift store. The great thing about tie dye is that it’s not messy. It’s a great way for your kids to unleash their inner fashion designer too. All you need is an old bucket, different colored dyes, or a pre-made tie dye kit. and some string or rubber bands to make the patterns. It’s fun and effortless. Plus, the kids will love making their own unique designs.

Sewing Projects
Sewing projects can be a great way to beat the boredom. Make sure that you have a starter sewing machine or a starter sewing kit that is suitable for kids. You can make your own sock puppets, stuffed toys or patchwork quilts. Unleash your creativity and make your own toys and home decor projects that kids are sure to love for years to come. You can even decorate your new toys with buttons, ribbon and googly eyes.

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