Valentine's Day Gift Guide ~ For Her

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Although Valentine's Day has become an over-commercialized holiday, I do like the idea of giving something small but meaningful to that special someone. Although the Hubs and I don't generally exchange gifts, we do agree that a little treat is nice for me and our girls.

If you're searching for a gift to say "I love you" or "Thank you", here are a few recommendations from my 2015 Valentine's Day gift guide.

1. Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa
You'll never go wrong with a sweet treat. Baked by Melissa specializes in bite-sized, delectable cupcakes that won't leave you feeling guilty. The Valentine's Day Collection includes white chocolate pretzel, red velvet pretzel, and peanut butter pretzel and can be purchased in packs of 3, 25, 50, or 100. Visit for information and to order.

2. Diptyque Candle in Roses
Forget the cliched bouquet of red roses and opt for this delightful candle from Diptyque which has the refreshing, fragrant scent of roses in bloom.

3. Vanity Fair Bras
A gift that's both beautiful and practical, Vanity Fair Beauty Back Bras will make you feel confident and sexy.

4. Petite Stacking Heart Ring
Lately, I am loving petite gold rings. This heart ring from Catbird looks just as good alone as it does stacked with other rings and is perfect when just a touch of jewelry is all you want.

5. Champagne Glasses
Start or end your Valentine's Day with a little bubbly. Serve your favorite Champagne or prosecco in these crystal flutes from Reidel.

6. Love Framed Print
This LOVE LOVE LOVE framed print will be an enduring reminder of your love.

7. Tory Burch Cosmetic Case
If you are looking for a gift that is practical and yet a bit of a splurge, this small cosmetic case by Tory Burch fits the bill. The red is perfect for the occasion.

8. Bouqet of Fresh Flowers
Although fresh flowers seem totally unoriginal, the key to giving them is to make them unique. Instead of roses, try a different type of flower. I love ranunculus. They are a flower that is in the rose family, however, they don't look like roses. For a variety of gorgeous, fresh flowers that are picked the day you place your order, check out The Bouqs. I love their unique selection, and a fresh bouquet from the Hubs is always a wonderful surprise!

Still no Valentine's Day plans? Check out my ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day outside the heart-shaped box!

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