Last Minute Heart-Themed Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
We all know that Valentine’s Day and heart-themed items go hand in hand. So what heart shaped products are out there that would either make great gift ideas or work well for themed use throughout the special day? Here's a selection of beautiful heart shaped products that perfectly fit the bill. Be prepared to swoon!

Heart shaped candy and treats: There are so many ways to use heart shapes when you make Valentine’s Day treats. Why not try the below?

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Candy bowl: Fill a heart shaped bowl with candy favorites and leave it on a table for your family to munch on throughout the day. You could even make a bowl from cake to place the candies in it like above. This shows that you know exactly what kind of candy they love and that you put some effort into creating a gift. We all deserve a treat on Valentine’s Day, after all!

Candy Trees: Heart shaped candy trees and candy bouquets can be made by using cocktail sticks or skewers to place candy on a central piece and make the shape of a tree. This looks so pretty and would make a wonderful centerpiece for any Valentine’s Day dinner.

Candy goodie bags: Candy goodie bags with hearts on the front are perfect for filling with tasty things. These would work well for a classroom Valentine’s Day party.

Heart shaped jewelry: Heart-shaped jewelry is always a good way to show someone you care. You could even personalize pieces for an extra special touch.

Open heart necklaces: these are so on-trend right now and are made by all of the top brands and designers. You can buy them in a variety of precious metals, and they make a simplistic but stylish gift.

Heart charms: A charm for your loved one’s charm bracelet is a wonderful way to show your love. If they don’t yet have a charm bracelet then why not buy her one with a heart charm to start her off?

Heart earrings: earrings are a great addition to any outfit and make for a well thought out and chic gift idea.
Heart shaped home decor: Heart shaped home decor will always be popular. Items with a stylish, vintage look are insanely popular right now. Think about where in the home your gift will be placed and the styles you like when it comes to home decor.


Pictures and cards: Pictures and gift cards are something that your loved one will cherish. Think about inventive designs to catch your partner’s eye.

Ceramics: Heart-shaped bowls and dishes are perfect for Valentine’s Day and will look great all year round. Mugs with hearts on are another foolproof option.

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Heart Shaped Gift Boxes: Put your entire gift together and deliver it in a cute heart shaped box. You can add soft and stylish colored tissue paper to create a luxurious effect that your loved one will enjoy unwrapping. The box can then be kept for use throughout the rest of the year or to store trinkets in.

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