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Thursday, April 23, 2015
I can remember back to when I landed my first job out of college. I was so excited to have my own desk. But I quickly discovered that I'd be sharing my desk and my supplies with a part-time employee who worked evening hours after I left work.

We shared the same black tape dispenser and glossy black stapler. Our paper trays were a nondescript transparent brown, and our paper clip holder was one of those standard-issue magnetic ones.

I'm sure the company I worked for purchased most of the office supplies in bulk. And while I commend them for being cost-effective, those office and desk supplies were not the most aesthetically pleasing.

After I left that job, I became a software consultant. Since I spent 70% of my time traveling, I didn't devote a whole lot of time to personalizing my office since I was on the road more than I was in the office.

Now that I work at home, my office space is my own. I don't have to share it with anyone (other than occasionally a daughter who prefers to do her homework at my desk), and I have full reign of how I decorate the space.

My office space is currently undergoing a transformation. Everything from the furniture to the supplies is being overhauled. As I am in the process of redecorating, I am finding myself gravitating towards unique and colorful accessories to balance the neutral decor of the room.

Here are a few of the pieces that I am loving, a few of which I have purchased for my new office.

1. Stapler
I never thought I needed a stapler until I bought this one from Kate Spade. Now I'm surprised by how often I use it.

2. Scissors
This is another daily must-have office item. I reach for my pair of scissors at least 10 times a day. I love this one since it can sit neatly on your desktop and can be accessed easily.

3. Pen Set
I have a weakness for colorful pens. I have a holder filled with gel pens on my desk. I love the way the colored pens look against my white desk. So neat and clean. You've got write, so why not make the pens as fun as possible?

4. Magazine/File Folder Holder
Since I have no need for the large capacity of a filing cabinet, I like to use magazine holders for my file folders instead. Plus, they are much more aesthetically pleasing than a large bulky file cabinet.

5. Notebook
I have a long standing love affair with notebooks and journals. I love to use them for lists, notes, blog post ideas, and more. And the prettier, the better.

6. File Folders
It's time to ditch those blah manilla folders and replace them with folders that are much more attractive. Hey, these might actually make filing fun!

7. Tape Dispenser
This is a must-have for me. I love this turquoise one. Wish I had found it before I bought this one that has a permanent home on my desk.

8. Wire Baskets
I love using wire baskets to corral notebooks, notepads, phone cases, chargers, cords, and other small loose items. Not only are they more stylish than canvas bins, but you can see through them for a clear view of the contents.

9. Memo Cube
After finding myself constantly reaching for a piece of paper and not having one readily available, I finally bought this multi-color memo cube. Now a piece of paper is literally at my fingertips.

10. Paper Weight
I was never a big fan of paper weights. That was until I moved my desk directly next to a window. When the window is open and there's even the slightest breeze, my papers go flying across the room. It doesn't have to be labeled as a paper weight. Anything cute but heavy will do the trick.

11. Pen Holder
I currently have this acrylic cup for my gel pens, but I love this striped one too.

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