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Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Even in this age of technology, I still have an obsession with stationery and papery. I love notecards, thank you cards, notebooks, and no, you are not likely to receive an electronic invitation from me. Ever. I am all about the pretty, printed invitations, even for the smallest and simplest of gatherings.

When I recently decided to invest in some stationery for my business and blog, I went in search of some high-quality, online options. I had very specific requirements for what I wanted the stationery to look like. After looking at several options, I found exactly what I wanted at

Minted had the colors, fonts, and high-quality card stock that I wanted. I have to say, I was really surprised. I thought Minted specialized in seasonal greeting cards and not much else. I was thrilled to find such a variety of products from home decor to paper goods to stationery.

I love the foil pressed business cards.

I love the clean simplicity of this business stationery.

Whether you've got a wedding in the works or another celebration, Minted has a beautiful selection of "Save The Date" cards so your guests can be sure to share your big day.

Can we talk about the notebooks and journals? I am a notebook freak. I can never have enough of them, and Minted has page after page of notebooks ranging from colorful to neutral to simple to elaborate. Most can be personalized with names, initials, and even pictures.

Looking for a piece of wall art? Minted has got it! I love this gold foil-stamped map of California.

There are plenty of cards for kids too. I am big on making sure my kids send thank you cards as a follow up to their birthday parties.

After initially browsing Minted in search of business stationery, I ended up making a long wish list of items that I would love to have. Now, my goal is to narrow down that list and make a purchase. Stay tuned to see what I choose. I'll be sharing my purchases in a few weeks!

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