Menu Plan Monday :: 2.29.2016

Monday, February 29, 2016
If there were ever a week when a meal plan was necessary, it's this week.
Fajita chicken kebabs
We have a busy one coming up, and it's a must for me to be prepared. I really need a week like this where I'll be super busy, wearing many hats, and juggling many balls. I like to be busy. Last week I had a week where I didn't have a whole lot going on, motivation was no where to be found, and the weather was absolutely dreadful. I found myself in a very serious funk. Thankfully by the end of the week, the weather improved as did my mood.

Enough about that! Here's what we'll be eating this week:

Monday - Taco salad

Tuesday - Meatball Parmesan sandwiches with a side salad

Wednesday - Hamburger soup

Thursday - Slow cooker pot roast with roasted carrots and potatoes

Friday - Ravioli with sauteed asparagus and walnuts with an arugula salad

Saturday - Fajita chicken kebabs with rice

Sunday - Jalapeno popper pizza

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