Is Your Home Secure? How Can You Be Sure?

Thursday, December 22, 2016
We all like to think our homes are secure enough to prevent a break in. Or that we live in an area where break-ins just won’t happen. But is that true? My family and I were the victims of a robbery in 2009, and we thought we were safe. But the fact of the matter is that break-ins can occur anywhere. You can live on a gated street in one of the safest and most affluent towns in the world. It doesn’t matter. You could still find yourself with a burglar inside your home. That’s why it’s important for you to know how to protect your property.

Get The Best Locks For Your Doors
Believe it or not, the old locks that used to always be equipped on homes are now not the safest way to protect a property. Instead, you should be looking at installing smart locks on your home. Smart locks are useful because they provide an extra layer of security for your family. Rather than being able to pick the lock, it’s electronic. This means it’s more difficult to break through.

Don’t Be Foolish
One of the main reasons for a break in is that the burglar didn’t have to break in at all. This was the case with our burglary. Ours occurred in the summer when we had windows open. The intruders pulled up a window up that was already partially open. Or, they can slip through a front door that had been left unlocked. The fact is that many of us are too trusting. We need to prepare for the worst and make sure that we are securing our homes.

Get An Alarm System
Unfortunately, alarm systems aren't generally a consideration until after a burglary has occurred. An alarm isn’t just used to alert you or anyone else that someone has broken into your home. It’s to warn the burglar that the break in has been noticed. Hopefully, it will scare them enough to leave the house quickly without having time to take anything. Of course, this is never a guarantee, but it will certainly increase the chances. You can find out more about the benefits of an alarm in the infographic above.

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