What's Your Sleep Personality Type?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
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It has been theorized that we spend up to a third of our lives asleep. A third! In some ways, I feel like sleeping is a terrible waste of time. But at other times, the times when I am craving a nap, sleep sounds like absolute heaven. All that time spent hitting the snooze button, turning over the cool side of the pillow. Is a third of our lives enough to make sure we're fully enjoying our sleep?

In the hours that we spend awake, everything we do is defined by our personality traits. We have tests like the Myers-Briggs test to tell us what our waking personality is like. But what about the third of our lives that we spend sleeping?

The way we sleep can be defined by unique personality traits too. Unlike Myers-Briggs, it's not quite drilled down into groups of 16. But sleep researchers have defined three different types of sleep personalities. Which one do you best fit into?

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The Stressful Sleeper

Have you ever woken up moments before your alarm goes off? Do you struggle to get to sleep at night and frequently wake up feeling tired? Unfortunately, I fall into this category.

If these sound familiar to you, then you might be a Stressful Sleeper. Being a Type A personality doesn't just switch off as soon as you close your eyes. The time you spend asleep is purely functional; naps are not something in your vocabulary, and you've never understood the appeal of a "stay in bed day". Your bed is purely functional; your mattress performs a service, and your bed linens are there because you know they have to be.

The Delighted Sleeper
Sleep is your favorite time of day. You love the feeling of lying back, exhausted and ready to drift off. You steal as many hours back from the alarm clock as possible. While you may want or have had kids, the terror at losing sleep as a new parent made you think over that decision a few times.

Your bed is comfortable to the extreme. The linens are luxurious, 100% fabrics. The pillows are soft, plump and replaced often. You don't buy a new mattress without poring over a thousand and one pocket spring mattress guides, and you switch comforters with the season. Sleep is your me-time and your escape, and you get out of bed only when you can't say no anymore.

The Middle Sleeper
For you, sleep is about function and enjoyment. You're a combination of the two above personality types, depending on how much time you have. You wouldn't dream of making yourself late for work just to snatch another five minutes in bed - that's where you differ from the Delighted Sleeper. But you also want your bed to be comfortable, your sleep to be serene and your dreams to be as memorable as you can make them.

Your bed focuses on function and keeping you comfortable, but you don't obsess over it. It's not even your favorite place to lie down in the house; you'd rather drift off in front of the TV on the sofa.

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