How To Set Up The Perfect Relaxation Zone At Home

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
It's the optimal time of year for stress. With all the activity and chaos that often surrounds the holidays, it's important to create the perfect chill out zone in our homes. When it comes to relaxing, we all have somewhere we go. So, creating the perfect space to relax and unwind can go a long way to helping us chill out with no pretense and no distractions.

One of my favorite yoga instructors strongly encourages us to take our relaxation to the next level in our homes. Here are a few of her expert tips.

Practice Aromatherapy
Chill out zones should be a multi-sensory experience.  They should be comfortable and free of clutter, but there’s also a case for having them smell nice too. Natural smells - especially those from things like incense and candles - have been shown to improve people’s mood. Lavender is particularly effective in relieving stress and reducing symptoms of depression.

Look for candles made from soy, as these tend to contain the fewest harmful chemicals. After all, toxins are the last thing that you want in your chill out zone.

Invest In Some Super Comfy Seating
When it comes to relaxing, your aim shouldn’t be to sit - it should be to “snuggle.” That means avoiding boring, regular seating and going for something a little more luxe. Check out a few reviews on which go into detail about some of these alternative seating options. Your goal is to just flop as soon as you get into your chill out zone so that you can get the most out of your brief moment of relaxation.

Set The Mood With Music
Nothing changes my mood quite like music has the power to do. Modern technology’s love affair with music has made it easier than ever to relax, listen to music and generally chill out. And no chill out zone could be complete without a method to deliver soothing sounds to your ears.

My favorite method is Bluetooth speakers or a high quality stereo system. Dot them around the room and then connect them up to your phone. Speaker prices have come down a lot in recent months, meaning that there’s a bargain to be had here too. If you're not using Spotify, check it out. You can create custom playlists from millions of songs for a customized relaxation experience.

Focus On Colors You Love
Each of us reacts a little differently to color, according to , so when it comes to relaxing, it’s important that your chill out zone makes the appropriate use of color for you. Most people find colors like light pink or light green the most soothing.

You can also try experimenting with cozy textures. For instance, why not get a super plush rug to put on the floor or jazz up the paintwork by including, natural wooden features.

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