Weekend Dispatch

Friday, January 27, 2017
One of my blog goals for 2017 is to introduce a few more series-types of posts. Readers love the current series posts such as Best Online Reads, Life Lately, and Friday Fresh Picks, but you've been asking for a more in-depth glimpse into my personal life. I thought the best place to start is by giving you a birds eye view of my weekend. Because of work commitments and shuffling my kids around after school during the week, I plan most of my activities for the weekends.

I've found that the best way to get anything accomplished is to break the "want to-dos" into categories such as what I want to watch, or eat, or read, or see, etc.

So, let's do this! Cheers to my very first weekend dispatch. Hope you enjoy it. And if you have any suggestions for things I should do, send them my way at info@piecesofamom.com. Thanks!!

Tonight Harper and I are finally going to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I am ashamed to say that, as a die-hard Star Wars fan, I still have not seen this movie. Shame on me. Movie theaters have come a long way. The one we are hitting up tonight has posh, reclining seats. I am definitely taking a blanket, grabbing an extra large bag of popcorn smothered with butter, maybe some nachos too, and settling in for, what I have heard is, an excellent movie.

I go to the gym several times per week. I generally use the cardio machines and take yoga, barre, and Pilates classes. Believe it or not, I have never taken a spin class. I've always wanted to, but I've also always found about twenty excuses not to. Most of the excuses were purely out of fear. I wouldn't know how to adjust the bike. I'd be the only novice in a class full of expert riders. The class is too early or too late in the day. Oh, the list goes on.

So when I received the gym's weekly newsletter a few weeks ago and saw that it was offering an "Intro To Spin" class tomorrow morning. I was thrilled. But then I found myself making the same old excuses again until I quickly stopped myself. I promptly called the front desk and registered. This is my year to stop being fearful of the little things, and just do it! I'm excited to try something new even if it ends up being something I don't like.

I have long wanted to make homemade granola. Although I've found several packaged varieties that I like, I want to have control over the ingredients that I add. For example, I'd rather have craisins in my granola than raisins. I like slivered almonds and cinnamon. When I found this recipe, I bookmarked it and made a note to make it on weekend day when we had planned to lay low. That will be happening on Sunday.
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When you spend as much time online for work as I do, you're bound to come across a Web site (or a hundred) that you want to go back and check out when you aren't on the clock. I have a notebook with a running list of them. This week I discovered that Bon Appetit launched an extension of its site called Healthyish. It's all about making healthy foods taste delicious, ways to practice self care, and more. I cannot wait to get lost in this site this weekend.

This week I downloaded the NPR One app. It's a wealth of educational, informative, and entertaining podcasts as well as NPR news broadcasts. I've already listened to a fascinating interview with the Duffer brothers, the creators of Stranger Things, and I am currently in the middle of a podcast about how Mandy Moore has reinvented herself and how anyone can. Plus, I have a dozen more podcasts in mind for the weekend.

So, tell me, what do you have planned this weekend?

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