Weekend Dispatch

Friday, February 17, 2017
This to-do list is taken directly from my own personal calendar (yes, I put my workouts and exercise classes on my calendar!). It includes what I plan to do, eat, read, and watch this weekend. This weekend is one of those up in the air weekends. The wife of my husband's cousin is coming to town to visit and bringing her 2 teen daughters. They won't be staying with us, but they will be staying near by in Bay Head. So, I have specifically tried not to make too many plans this weekend so our girls can spend time with their girls.

Tonight marks the opening of Seussical: The Musical at Spring Lake Theater Company. Over the years, we've seen more than a handful of productions at SLTC, and they never disappoint. Tomorrow night Harper and I will be at the performance to cheer on a few of her classmates, friends, and her music teacher who is the musical director of the performance.

A few weeks ago when I went to Blue Mercury to pick up a new supply of these, the esthetician asked me if I'd be interested in a complimentary facial/skincare treatment by a number of different brand reps that were visiting the store in the coming weeks. I scheduled one with Natura Bissé. I've received several samples of Natura Bissé products from Blue Mercury, and I've loved them. I'm excited to get a full skincare treatment on Saturday afternoon.

Since I'm not a big fan of traditional breakfast foods (I don't eat eggs, and I don't like pancakes), I tend to skip breakfast or opt for a BLT instead. This weekend, I'll be switching up my BLT with a new addition: avocado.

After reading rave reviews about the HBO series Divorce, I finally started watching it last night. I've missed Sarah Jessica Parker since Sex and the City ended, and I've heard she's wonderful in this series. And also, Thomas Hayden Church? Yeah, he's pretty great too.

You can't deny that Alec Baldwin is on fire right now. His SNL impersonations of Donald Trump have put him at the forefront of comedy, and for good reason. When I read about his podcast series, Here's The Thing, I was curious to give it a listen. It airs live every other Tuesday, but I'll be catching up on a few past episodes this weekend.

So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend?

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