Happy February ~ Letter From The Editor

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The shortest month of the year is here. Anyone else ever feel like this is the longest month of the year? February always seems to drag on...and on...and on. I'm sort of dreading February for one reason: the weather. We've had a mild winter so far, and my biggest fear is that we'll get a ton of snow dumped on us this month, and cold temperatures to accompany the snow.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the month goes by quickly and uneventfully.

So, let's get to it. I keep a running list of blog post ideas and have lots to choose from this month. February is Heart Health Month, and I'll be sharing what healthy means to me and how I achieve it. At the beginning of the year, I decided to make January my "try anything at the gym" month. I took several classes that I've been wanting to take but have been making lame excuses not to. I am happy to report that I went to the gym 16 days in January. That's a personal record, and I'm hoping to beat it this month.

In light of my rediscovery of my love for fitness and feeling great, I'll be sharing fitness content this month including what to wear, what classes I love (and strongly dislike), how to get (and stay) motivated, and tips for get the most of your Fitbit or whatever fitness tracker you use.

If there is anything specific you'd like to see featured on the blog, drop me a line at piecesofamom@gmail.com.

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Dive into February head first!

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