How To Accessorize Your Favorite Dress

Saturday, February 10, 2018
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If you’ve fallen in love with a dress that you bought to impress, you might be wary about wearing it time and again. However, if you love it, you're definitely wanting to wear it over and over again. The art of accessorizing makes any outfit look completely fresh and new every time you wear it. No need to worry about getting bored with your look, and chances are nobody will notice it’s the same dress you wore last week!

Hats create a focus away from your body. They are certainly the best and easiest distractions for the eye if you’re worried about repeat-wear. So how can you wear two or three different styles of hat with the same dress? Choose two very different hats. One can work to offer a more casual, fun look, like a fedora. The other can offer a softer, more feminine look. Something wide-brimmed would offer a different overall structure to your outfit.

Your purse is another crucial part of your outfit . Pick the boldest colors you can find. Perhaps you have an eye-catching pattern on one of your favorite handbags? Next time you wear the outfit, go for a plain color and a larger size that sits on the shoulder. When you wear it differently, it will look like something else altogether. Go from clutch to messenger, or shopper to handbag. Mix it up to get more wear from that dress.

A cute cardigan, shawl, or scarf can drape over the shoulders, completely changing the look of the dress underneath. Adding this layer offers a fresh new style that you could love even more. Scarves are perhaps the most versatile and so will suit almost any style of dress. Remember, you can also change the purpose of the dress - from sassy night out to classy office wear- and it can all be done with a scarf!

Jewelry is essential for completing any outfit. If you’re wearing a designer dress, sidestep the cutesy stuff, and head to your jewelry box. Genuine gems and solid gold will offer the best sparkle to show off any evening dress. High-quality pieces are essential when you’ve spent so much on a fine designer dress. You can buy Tacori rings online that fit the bill. You can mix up necklace styles and earring styles to create different looks as well. Add an up-do as a change from your extensions, and they won’t even recognize you!

Shoes can make the world of difference to your appearance. It’s all about the heel. Your posture and your walk will both be affected by your choice of heel. Why not wear flats one day and cute heeled ankle boots the next time you wear your dress? They certainly offer very different looks.

Don’t be ashamed to wear your favorite dress time and again. If you love it, you should be proud to dress it in any way that suits your personal style. So what if someone with an eagle eye mentions the dress has seen a few outings this season? Surely the point of fashion is to wear it!

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