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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We've been spoiled with spring-like weather the past two days, and I never want it to end. It's been glorious to have this short-lived taste of spring, and it's making me crave outdoor activities. Unfortunately, by the time the weekend arrives, we'll be back in the throes of winter weather, albeit mild, but still. We'll have to endure several more weeks of chilly temps and indoor activities, and here are few suggestions for the weekend to kick off the countdown to spring.

Healthy living is all about balance. I love the combination of something healthy with something indulgent (think a large glass of water with a rich, decadent dessert!). On Sunday, Icarus Brewing Company is hosting "Bends & Brews", a yoga/beer combo that starts off with an hour of all-levels yoga and ends with a flight of beer. Talk about Sunday funday!! You won't see me there on this particular Sunday as I am doing a modified cleanse and gave up alcohol for Lent, but if you go, have fun!

Cost is $20 per person and is open to men, women and people of all ages, shapes and statures. So grab your friends, family, and significant other! Obviously those under 21 will not be permitted to enjoy the flight of beer. More info here.

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Since becoming a vegetarian one of the foods I have missed most is potato skins. Most restaurants top them with bacon and cheese or chili and cheese. I've found that it's difficult to find a place where the skins are vegetarian friendly. So, I went in search of a recipe I could make at home and found the perfect one for vegan potato skins made with sunflower sour cream and coconut bacon. Yum!

Last Monday's episode of The Daily's podcast focused on the Russian olympiads who won 13 gold medals at the Sochi winter games in 2014. It was later discovered that the almost every Russian athlete had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and that the Russians were covering up a massive scheme where they were replacing dirty urine with clean urine. I'm not sure how I missed this scandal when it originally broke, but I was so fascinated by it that I came home from the gym where I listened to the episode and Googled the story. I found that a documentary called Icarus had been made to tell the story of the biggest sports scandal in history. Of course, I watched it, and it is a game-changing documentary that is not to be missed.

School shootings, sadly, have become a part of our almost-daily existence. For my daughters (ages 15 and 12) active shooter drills are a normal part of any given week in their respective schools. They know the drill, and what at first may have seemed like an exercise in futility has now become an exercise in survival. But so often we try to see the events from the perspective of the students, but what about the teachers? I found this article from The New Yorker to be eye-opening in giving an accurate account of what it's like to be a teacher in a time when not only were you trained to teach the children, but you are also now trained to protect them from the AR-15.

So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend?

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