Gift Ideas for Dads (No Ties Included!)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
We all know what our dad's want for their birthday and Father’s Day. Don’t we? Surely they will be more than happy with a new tie, a fresh pair of slippers and a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug. There is surely nothing more a father needs. Provided you don’t ask him, that is. If you were to ask his opinion, he might tell you where to put that new mug you bought him. That’s right, on the shelf, lined up with all the other mugs you have bought him over the years.

image via (not my actual husband!)

This year, try to buy him something that he will appreciate. Stuck for ideas? Here are a few.

For The Tech Head Dad: Amazon Echo Dot.
Perfect for any dad who likes to sit back and take it easy. The Echo Dot will do almost everything, from reading audiobooks, playing music, ordering food and controlling home devices such as the thermostat. Your dad need never leave the house again. Warning: it may make everybody else in the house redundant!

For The TV Addict Dad: Amazon Fire Stick
Okay, so I'm not trying to push Amazon products, but this is a cut above the Chromecast as your dad won’t need to fiddle with a smartphone to get the device to work (which, by the way, is the last thing my husband wants to do). With a vast library of movies and TV shows from Amazon’s streaming service, as well as apps for Netflix, Popcornflix, etc., there will never be a shortage of movies and shows for him to watch.

The Practical Dad: A Multitool
Whatever job needs to be done around the house, you can almost guarantee a DIY multi-tool will do the job. With a range of accessories for any crafting jobs, this little beauty will cut through any material, polish wood, remove paint, and trim the grass.

The Quirky Dad: Bobbleheads
Customizable bobbleheads can be made to resemble your dad (or his nearest and dearest) in a range of costumes, including superheroes, zombies, and sports players. If your dad says ‘no’ to something you ask him, you can guarantee that the bobblehead version of him will always be nodding ‘yes.’

The Photographer Dad: Fujifilm Instax Gift Set
Dad’s are always complaining about the new fangled digital cameras, so this blast from the past
will make him eat his words. He won’t need to take the camera film to the shop to get it processed (like in the good old days) as it will instantly print the photos for him. Not only will this bring back old memories, but it will also create new ones too.

The Family Loving Dad: Guess who?
This gift is free. Why? Because it's you. From the moment you were born, you became the treasure in your father’s heart. He may not utter those magical words often enough, and neither may you. Tell your dad you love him, and you may just make his day. Hint: don’t use this as a means to make up for the pair of socks you are about to give him. Tell him like you mean it.

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