Tips For Creating A Safe Backyard For Children

Thursday, May 25, 2017
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With summer approaching, it is a great time to get your kids outside and playing in the backyard. From giant yard games to sand pits to swing sets, and tree houses, the kids are sure to have an excellent time. However, as many parents know, playing outside can be hazardous. Your kids love to explore, and that is a great thing until they come in with a scuffed knee or worse.
It is time to make your backyard safe, so that it's a pleasant place to play and to give you added peace of mind.

Tidy Up
It’s possible that your garden and walkways have been neglected over the colder months so be sure to head outside and clean up. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and cut away any nasty weeds and thorny bushes. Look at the condition of the walkways and patio. If there are any loose or broken tiles, it is a health and safety hazard waiting to happen. Think about a concrete patio installation to ensure the ground is safe and good to alleviate any parental stresses.

Walk around the surface of the garden. Make sure the fences are secure, and your gate is lockable. Remove any dangerous gardening equipment you have been using, and lock up the shed if it contains items such as dangerous chemicals or hazardous yard equipment.

Avoid Nasty Falls
If you have play equipment such as swing sets in your garden, place rubber safety mats underneath. Your grass may be soft to the touch close up, but it will harder to land on in the event of a fall. If you don’t have the luxury of grass in your garden, or you have covered it over with wood or stone, consider placing down artificial grass. Not only is this low maintenance but safer for your kids, too, and will take away any stress you feel.

Eliminate Water Hazards
Children love playing in the water, but if there is one backyard feature a parent could live without, it is a garden pond. They may be beautiful to look at, but you don’t want your child falling in. Thankfully, there are safer water features you could purchase, including bird baths and water fountains.

There are plenty of safer options for your kids too, including bubble fountains, paddling pools, and splash and slip slides. Just don’t forget to buy swimwear.

Curious Hands
Those of you with very young children know that they are prone to exploring with their fingers and putting things in their mouths. Ensure your garden is free of stones and any debris that may have gathered over the winter months. Be mindful of toxic plants or fungus growing in your garden, and get rid of them. A little education is also good for young minds, so teach them what is safe to touch and taste, and what isn’t.

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