Tips For Shopping For The Hardest People To Buy Gifts For

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
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Buying gifts can be something of a challenge at the best of times and even when you have an in depth knowledge of the recipient. Very few people will put time or money into a gift without really caring about what it is. We've all had those moments where we spend hours trying to figure out how to find that one perfect gift. We have those people in our lives who are simply impossible to purchase gifts for. This might be because they're someone you don't know that well, or it might be someone you love very dearly but who has such a specific set of tastes that the idea of buying them something is enough to fill you with huge amounts of anxiety.

Gift-giving should be a fun and pleasant experience. The look on someone's face when they open your gift and see that it's something they really love is often even better than being given a gift yourself. 'Tis better to give than to receive, no?

With that in mind, here are some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for, with some handy advice to help take some of the worry out of that all-important search for the perfect present.

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The Outdoorsy Type
This kind of person is never happier than when they're under the stars. The creature comforts that so many of us simply couldn't live without often seem like more of a burden to them than anything else. Camping is their perfect holiday, and it seems as though their shoes are never clean, even when they're new. It's safe to say that this type of person probably isn't going to appreciate fine jewelry or high fashion. It's a good idea to think in a slightly different direction when it comes to the outdoorsy types.

Rather than thinking about a physical object that you can give them, why not offer them the gift of an experience? An outdoorsy type of person is often much happier doing things than having things. If you can't think of an experience that they haven't already had, then why not thinking about giving them the gift of something to help make their outdoor activities easier. If you're not particularly well versed in the kinds of things that someone like this would need, don't worry! You can shop for a Bass Pro Shops card to give them. That way they get to choose the thing that they want without having to pay full price for it. This is a much better option that just giving them money because it shows that you really care enough about them to know what they would want to spend their money on.

The Gamer
We all know the stereotype of the gamer as a shut-in, hidden away from the world, lost in the glare of a giant screen. Now, whether this is accurate or not, there's no denying that the life of a gamer can be someone difficult to understand or penetrate from an outside perspective. Why not ask around to see if you can find what kind of gaming they're into, after all, there are so many different genres that you can't be sure that you're not going to end up with the totally wrong gift. I usually defer gamer decisions to my kids who seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the gaming world. Do a bit of research into their hobby, find out the kinds of things that gamers often give each other as gifts. The fact that you've taken the time to do that research will really show when it comes time to hand the gift over. Perhaps a pair of gaming headphones or a unique game that you think they might not have had the chance to try.  

The Fashionista
Everyone has at least one friend like this. The one who's always the best dressed no matter where they are. The one whose hair and makeup is always perfect regardless of the time of day. How can you possibly hope to find the right gift for someone who already seems to be ahead of the curve? Well, the very best thing that you can do is to try and stay up to date as much as possible. You might not be as immersed in the world of fashion as they are, but that doesn't mean it's not surprisingly easy to pick up on the latest trends. Check out various beauty blogs to see what kinds of styles are on the horizon. That way you can find a makeup palette or clothing accessory that is sure to excite them. It's also a good idea to look at the kinds of styles that they're currently wearing. It doesn't matter how fashionable something is, if it doesn't fit their personal style, they're not going to get any use out of whatsoever.

The Co-Worker
Maybe you got them in a secret Santa draw, or perhaps their birthday is coming up, and you don't want to be the only one who didn't get them a gift. No matter what the reason is, the idea of buying a gift for a work colleague that you don't know very well can be a daunting experience. The first thing to ask yourself is, how well do you know them? Do you have any idea about their hobbies or interests? If not then it's probably a good idea to ask around. Speak to people who know them better, drop subtle hints in conversation to try to get an idea of what they're into. In the end, the best thing to do is to spend a little time with them and try and figure out what makes them tick. Take a look at how their desk area is decorated. Are there any clues there as to what he or she likes or enjoys doing? At the very least, when the time comes to hand over your gift they'll be able to tell that you really tried to find something personal to them. The fact that you wanted to give them something nice despite not knowing them that well is not only going to make your gift mean more to them, but it could even be the thing that bridges the gap between you and acts as the start of a long and beautiful friendship.

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The Parent
It shouldn't be that hard to buy a gift for your parents, surely? After all, you've probably known them for your entire life! And yet, when the time comes to get a gift for either of their parents, so many people seem to hit a brick wall and have absolutely no idea what to do. A lot of this comes down to the kind of dynamic that you have with your parents. After all, you know what your friends like because you often discuss your interests with each other, a lot of the time they might even be interests that you share. But when it comes to your parents the topic of conversation can often be a little different. It often sticks to more personal topics, not to mention that you're usually the one telling them about what's going on in your life, not the other way around. Of course, there's absolutely nothing to say you can't adjust that dynamic a little bit. Take the time to find out a little more about what your parents are currently enjoying. Not only are you going to have a much better idea of the kind of gift that they would like but you can also get to know them as people in a way that you might never have been able to do before. Of course, your parents will likely be grateful no matter what you get them, it sort of comes with the territory, but putting in that extra bit of effort is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you'll be in their good books when the holidays roll around. Of course, if you're really stuck, and you have absolutely no idea what to get just remember: after shave for dad, flowers for mom. Works every time!

No matter who you're buying, or making, a gift for, the most important thing is simply to remember that, no matter how much of cliché it is, the old saying really is true: it's the thought that counts. If you care enough about buying someone the right gift that you're genuinely worried, then the chances are that you're already on the right track. The only way that a gift could ever be completely disappointing is if it feels as though it had no thought put into it whatsoever. If you take the time to try to find something that you think someone will really love, even if it falls just shy of hitting the mark, they are going to appreciate all of the effort that you went to in order to find something special and personal to them far more than if you'd just picked something at random within a certain price range.

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