Weekend Dispatch

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

It's finally spring, and there are lots of spring happenings going on, even if the weather isn't quite cooperating. Here on the east coast, we are ramping up for yet another Nor'easter which is promising to pack a punch with up to 8" of snow. Over it! I'm going to be in denial over here thinking about all the cute spring shoes and clothes that I am dying to wear...but can't. I'll also be doing these things this weekend:

Anyone else dreaming of sipping tasty cocktails on a patio while the warm, setting sun brushes your face? Yeah, same. While those days currently seem a million light years away, I am starting to stock pile a few cocktail recipes that are perfect for spring evenings. This recipe for pineapple lime sangria spritzers is at the top of my list. It sounds so refreshing. Can it please be summer already???
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Lately I've been on a mission to streamline my consumption of media. I've deleted several apps on my phone in order to save time, and quite frankly, they weren't serving me well. I'm looking at you, Swarm. I've been trying very hard to avoid time sucks (think hours spent on Instagram only to walk away frustrated that I don't live in a perfect house with a perfect wardrobe). No thanks. But I want to stay on top of things (current events, pop culture). You know, the important stuff. So, I read The Skimm every morning. I've talked about The Skimm over on my Facebook page on several occasions. It's an email that is delivered each weekday that, literally, skims everything you need to know and puts it into a nice compact email that's a quick and witty read. To become a Skimm'r, click here.

I've never entertained conspiracy theories. I think most are far-fetched and unfounded. But once you start listening to them, they quickly make you second guess yourself. Conspiracy is a Netflix documentary made up of 12 episodes, each of which explores a different conspiracy theory from Hitler and the Nazis to the Lockerbie plane crash to landing on the moon. While I find it hard to subscribe to most of these theories, they are interesting to hear and to see some of the circumstantial evidence behind them.

When I watched the Grammys and heard that The War on Drugs had won the award for best rock album, I went straight to Google to look them up. I had never heard of the group and am always on the hunt for new music. It turns out that its an indie rock band from Philadelphia that formed in 2005. I listened to the album on Spotify and downloaded most of the songs to various playlists. The lead singer has been likened to Bruce Springsteen. Although I'm not a big Springsteen fan, I am loving The War on Drugs, particularly this song, "Pain". And bonus points for the video being shot in Philly.

I love making soup this time of year, but most recipes make enough to serve 8 people. When I put the leftovers in a container, and I end up throwing most of it away since I need only 1 or 2 servings at a time not the entire container. This soup storage hack is brilliant and is the perfect way to make only one serving at a time without wasting the batch of soup.
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So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend?

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