5 DIY Tips To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Thursday, March 8, 2018
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We don't always have the budget to renovate a room to its fullest, but money isn't all you need to upgrade a room and give it new life. These 5 DIY tips are sure to turn your bedroom around and give it a brand new look.

1.  Soundproofing
Probably the best thing you can do to make your room peaceful is by reducing noise. If your room is on the ground floor, you're bound to get disturbed with all the loud (or not so loud) conversations going on in the hallway and the honking and screeching of every car on the road. While curtains are generally used to reduce the noise in the room, it only does only a fraction of the job actual soundproofing can do. Soundproofing not only makes your room perfect for recording but also gives you a peaceful time away from everyday hustle bustle when you lay down to unwind. Nothing more luxurious than a quiet and nuisance-free room.

2. Blackout Blinds/Curtains
I love translucent fabrics for the curtains in our rooms. They let in daytime light and make the house brighter and cheerier.  But what I forget is that these curtains fail to serve the prime purpose of blocking out light in the early morning hours when I want it the least. When you're trying to close your eyes, those sun rays striking you won't look so heavenly. Perhaps it's time to get blackout curtains/blinds for you room. Once you've put your phone on silent mode, turned out the lights, closed the door, the last thing you want is unwanted light disturbing you. Getting a darker shade for blinds with a thick lining would not only block this light but also reduce the noise coming in through the windows.

3. Nightstand
Believe it or not, your nightstand is the most important piece of furniture in your room. Interior designers believe that a commonly made mistake when it comes to cluttered bedrooms is over occupied night stands. Remember that night stands are only supposed to hold important stuff you'll be needing when you're in bed. This includes your night cream, mobile phone charger, water glass and a holder for jewelry or any medicines you might have to take. It is therefore advisable that you choose handy items for your nightstand that occupy the least space. Place any books and decoration pieces on a center table or shelves on the wall. This also saves you the job of everyday cleaning and dusting.

4. Headboard
If you're on a budget and can't afford to bring in a brand new bed, you can always give your bedroom a new look by installing a headboard. By taking up minimal space, it adds considerable beauty and gives your room a style statement. It is always a safe bet to get neutral tones when it comes to selecting a headboard. However, if you have bare white walls, getting an artsy headboard can brighten up your room like nothing else.

5. Use Walls as Furniture Pieces
Who needs to invest in furniture items when you can install shelves on your walls? Probably the most chic way to add storage options in your room is by mounting stuff on these shelves. From books to vases to jewelry boxes, anything and everything can be placed on these shelves when you're running out of space to store items.

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