Weekend Dispatch

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It's Easter weekend, and what was originally planned to be a long weekend with Good Friday off has changed slightly now that the kids have a snow make up day on Friday. We are shifting things around a bit, but here's what I'll be up to this weekend.

It's hard to top Dirty Dancing the movie. It's just one of those classics that's hard to beat. My favorite part of the movie is definitely the music and dancing. So I was excited when I learned that Dirty Dancing The Musical was being performed at Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank this week. A musical surely includes plenty of music and dancing to keep audiences entertained...enough that we just might forget Patrick Swayze isn't up there dancing. Playing on stage March 27, 28, and 29th at 8 pm. Ticket prices vary. For more info, visit the web site.

For Lent this year I have sworn off both chocolate and alcohol. While chocolate isn't something I eat on the daily, it's definitely a craving that's difficult to deny. I've discovered the hard way that there is no suitable substitute for chocolate. I've had to work through the cravings until they pass. I can say that it has been a good exercise in will power, and we'll leave it at that. Now that we are a few days away from the end of Lent, I'm Jonesing all the chocolate recipes on Pinterest, most notably brownies because you don't get more chocolatey than brownies. I came across a ton of irresistible brownie recipes, but I'm going with these dark chocolate avocado brownies. I love a chewy brownie, and the addition of avocado makes these brownies chewy and gooey.
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I'm always asking friends and acquaintances for book recs. I love hearing what other people are reading and loving. When I repeatedly saw Kristin Hannah's book The Great Alone appearing all over Instagram, I downloaded it immediately. I've read Hannah's books before, and they are emotionally wrenching. Tip: keep a box of tissues handy...especially as you near the end of the book. I've just started The Great Alone, and the first part of the book is moving slowly, but everyone says stick with it because it is soooo worth the read. I'm going to hit this book hard this weekend. Buy the book on Amazon here.

Al Pacino is notably one of the best actors of our time. His defining role in The Godfather has certainly set the bar for aspiring actors. Scarface is one of his most popular roles, but my favorite Pacino movie is The Scent of a Woman. One of his more little known movies is 88 Minutes. A drama where Pacino's character , a psychologoist, learns he has 88 minutes to live when he gets a mysterious phone call. Who was on the other end of the call and are the caller's threats empty? Hurry! This movie is leaving Netflix on April 1st.

I'm obsessed with looking at bullet journals. They are so creative and colorful and full of information and helpful reminders. I find them to be very calming and soothing even though at first glance they can be overwhelming. If it looks interesting to you, why not spend some time this weekend creating and starting a bullet journal? I don't have the patience or the creativity to create one although I'd love it if someone made one for me. I'd totally use it. I did a quick Google search and found so many inspiring designs. I love the endless possibilities of a bullet journal.
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So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend?

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