Clothing Hacks To Save You Time and Money

Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Wardrobes are not just built on clothes, but on financial investments. As I've gotten older, I've realized that when it comes to fashion and style, quality reigns supreme over quantity. There is always a pair of jeans or shoes or a dress which has a special place in your heart. So what happens when your favorite item starts losing its life? Do you throw it out? Do you re-purpose it? Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunctions due to your favorite wardrobe items? What can be done to avoid them? Restoring, reusing, and re-purposing your favorite clothes is simple with these tricks.

Talcum Powder for Oil Stains

I've spilled salad dressing on my favorite jeans countless times. If you've got some nasty oil stains on your favorite dress that just won't come off, chances are you're removing them in the wrong way. A quick fix which will involve absolutely no bleach or washing is talcum powder. Spread talcum powder over the stain, take a newspaper and press a hot iron on it. The newspaper and talcum powder will suck up the stain instantly. Your dress will be brand new!

Coins to the Skirt's Rescue

In case you have silky skirts or dresses that seem to give you your very own Marilyn Monroe moment every time the wind blows, then here's a hack that will keep you covered. I recently read about this brilliant trick that comes straight from Queen Elizabeth's closet. To avoid your dresses and skirts from blowing up in the wind, tape coins inside the hemlines of your skirts and dresses. The weight of the coins keeps them from blowing. For a more permanent fix, consider stitching lead weights inside the hemlines. It won't take any effort and can be easily done with a basic sewing machine. If you don't have one, you can explore some options at

Stretching Shoes like a Pro

Got some fancy heels that all of sudden won't fit? Fitting right back into them is now easy. Wear thick socks and put on the shoes in question. Next, take a hair dryer and aim it at the shoes. The heat will loosen the shoes up and Voila! We're back in those shoes we can take over the world with. Another way of stretching your shoes out is by using ice cold water. Take zip-lock plastic bags and fill them up with enough water so that they fit the shoe's toe cap. Next place them in the freezer overnight. The next day your shoes will be stretched and will be good as new.

Moisture for the Leather

In case you thought only your skin needs moisturization, here's a mind blowing hack for you. Your body lotions and creams can actually revive your dull and scratched leather products. Your favorite leather kicks will last longer and look brand new if you scrub them down with some lotion. It is as simple as that.

Zipper Problems Solved

Having a broken or jammed zipper sucks and especially if it happens all of a sudden while you are out. Therefore, to save yourself from this mess and to re-purpose, take a key chain. Slide the metal ring of the key chain through the zip, fasten it and then hook it over the button of your trousers. And In case of a jammed zipper, rubbing vaseline over it will grease it up.

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