An Easy and Inexpensive Way To Help Your Local Cat Shelter

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
This post is sponsored by Cat's Pride but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Our cats are a special part of our family. While one was a backyard stray cat, our other two were adopted from a local shelter. When we decided that we were ready to adopt after our beloved 19 year old cat passed, there was no question that we would go straight to a local shelter in search of the perfect cat for our family.

Through our various adoptions from the local shelter, we learned that it takes a village to operate a shelter. From the generosity of volunteers and donors to the hard work that goes into daily operations and maintenance, it's no small feat. Even if you don't plan to adopt a cat, there's an easy way you can help your local cat shelter.

The Cat's Pride Litter For Good™program comes to the rescue (no pun intended!). Every time you buy a green jug of Cat's Pride® Fresh & Light® litter, Cat’s Pride will donate a pound of litter to an animal welfare organization across the United States. It's as easy as that! No need to visit your local shelter to help out.

It really is simple. Pick up a green jug of Cat's Pride® Fresh & Light® litter on your next grocery store run. There's no need to adopt another kitten or cat (in case you're like I am and already have three!!).

Click here to learn more about the Litter For Good™ program and to find a store near you. You can also visit and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride® Club to nominate a shelter to receive litter donation.

By 2020, Cat’s Pride hopes to donate 20 million pounds of litter to shelters across America. You can help Cat's Pride reach its goal by purchasing Cat's Pride® Fresh & Light® littereach time you re-stock your cat's litter.

Visit and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride® Club to nominate a shelter to receive litter donation. The Cat’s Pride Club offers valuable coupons and incentives throughout the year, as well as updates on the program donations and shelter highlights.

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