Best Online Reads

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The ten stories from around the web that I am loving this week:

1. Seven hacks for growing out your nails via The Zoe Report.

2. How to be a parent your child wants to talk to via The Huffington Post.

3. Unhealthy habits you probably don't know you have via Coveteur.

4. Baristas dish about the most awkward coffee dates they've witnessed via Refinery29.

5. How often should you clean your phone via Time.

6. Tips for conquering your fear of networking via The Everygirl.

7. Five easy ways to recover from jet lag via The Newsette.

8. How to put a healthy twist on chicken fingers via Well+Good.

9. Here's what breakfast cereal came out the year you were born via Marie Claire.

10. How to pump yourself up (or calm yourself down) before a presentation via Harvard Business Review.

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