Small Decor Changes That Make A Big Difference In Your Home

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
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When it comes to adding a new feel and look to your home, many of us assume that we need to embark on a massive redecoration process that's going to cost a fortune. This is certainly not the case. Sometimes it is the little, inexpensive changes that can make all of the difference. Here are some small changes you can make that will make a significant impact in your home.

Bring some color and charm to your bathroom
The bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms in our homes in terms of decoration. They tend to be a bit plain and boring. We often assume that our bathroom should be devoid of any personality, but this certainly doesn't have to be the case. Bathrooms can be more than a utilitarian and plain space. Instead, why not bring some decorative items such as wall prints into the room or paint the walls a special color?

Highlight the best parts in your home
One of the best ways to make your home appear grander and more glamorous is to use lighting to full effect by highlighting the best accessories and statement pieces in your home. Picture lights are a good example of this. They enable you to highlight the best photographs, pictures, and works of art you have on your walls, therefore, maximizing their impact.

Play around with different textures
We add more colors to a room when we want to change the overall appearance, but various textures can also make a big difference. This is a good way to add warmth and comfort too. Add a few plants (I like palm plants for adding texture and interest). Textured throw pillows and rugs are an excellent way to inject texture into your space.

Make the most of small spaces
Another small change that can make a big difference is making the most of small spaces. Use color and mirrors to make small spaces appear larger, and be sure keep furniture to scale. Nothing makes a small room look even smaller than painting it a dark color and populating it with oversized furniture.

Take casual items to new heights
Last but not least, do not be scared to display all of the things that you love. Whether it is a collection of inspirational images or some seashells you gathered on your last vacation, something that is deeply personal will make a massive difference to your home and will serve as a conversation piece.

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