4 Important Life Milestones

Saturday, August 18, 2018
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When I look back on the past 17 years, there are definitely milestones and goals that my husband and I worked towards and achieved in our years together. They may not happen for everyone, and if they do, they may not happen in this order, but you are likely to achieve at least one of them at some point. Maybe you're in a relationship and you don’t know where it's going at the moment, but eventually when you do have a solid plan, you'll need to think about the milestones below. Traditional is not the norm these days. So you can choose any path you like and achieve whatever milestones you want. 

Milestone 1: Achieving Financial Stability
Before you do anything else, most couples will agree that establishing a solid financial footing is a priority. As a couple, you need to know that you can always pay the bills at the end of each month while still being able to do the things you want. There is no point being with someone if you can never afford to go out of the house and have memorable experiences. Once you achieve a level of financial stability, you can arrange vacations together and do activities that you both enjoy.

Milestone 2: Buying Your First Home
The most significant expense a couple will ever face is the cost of buying their first home. You can get mortgages from almost bank., but it’s sensible to shop around to ensure you get the best deals. You also need to think about the location in which you want to purchase a property. There is a chance you will not stay in your first home forever, and so perhaps it makes sense to buy somewhere in a city nearest to your place of employment. You will have time to sell the house and relocate to somewhere a little more quiet in the future when you’re ready to settle down properly and stay in the same dwelling for the rest of your lives. Saving for the deposit on your first home can take a while, and so some people have to wait a couple of years.

Milestone 3: Welcoming Kids Into The World
Starting a family is probably the next milestone you will hit if you’re 100% committed to your partner and relationship. My husband and I knew when we were ready. We were financially stable and had done a lot of traveling while we were single. So the next step seemed logical: we would start a family. Of course, if you can’t have kids or aren't interested in having children, this is a milestone you will skip.

Milestone 4: Getting a Family Pet
This could happen before you have children. We had cats long before we had our daughters. Make sure you never adopt a pet without first thinking about the realities of the situation and reading a pet safety guide. Most families will choose dogs because they tend to merge well into the family unit. A pet will not only complete your family, but it will also help your children to develop social skills and gain a better understanding of the world. I always advocate for adopting a rescue pet from a shelter or charity, but a breeder is an option as well.

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