The Books I Read In June

Monday, July 15, 2019

I have a lot of ground to make up this summer if I plan to meet my goal of 35 books in 2019. I'm currently at 14 books and almost finished with the 15th book. But it's more than half way through the year, and I am just short of my half way goal. So, I've got to kick it up a notch. June was not a productive month as far as reading went. The end of the school year will do that to you. Anyway, here's to hoping I can get through at least three books this month!

Here are the books I read in June:

1. Paranoid by Lisa Jackson   4/5 stars
I received this book to read as part of a social media sharing campaign. Since I was under a deadline to read it and share on my channels, I dove right in the day I received the advance copy in the mail. The first quarter of the book was interesting and a quick read. The middle half was a bit slow (but I find that most books are as this is the exploratory part of the book that leads up to the climax), and the last quarter picked up pace quickly and kept me very interested.

First off, this book has a lot of characters. So, if you find a multitude of characters confusing, this book is probably not for you. There are many to keep track of as well as their relationship to each other. I actually had a piece of paper that I used to jot down everyone and who they were to help me.

The book has interesting twists and turns that are the strong point of this novel. The ending was completely and utterly unexpected. When a book ends like that, it hard to dislike it. I never saw the end coming. I kept trying to guess what would happen and who was responsible for the murder, but I never guessed who it actually was. This was the first book by Lisa Jackson that I've read, but I will definitely be checking out her other mysteries.

2. On The Road by Jack Kerouac    5/5 stars
This book is my favorite book of all time. Every year I read it at the beginning of every summer, and I never tire of it. Inspired by Jack Kerouac's cross country adventures with his best friend Neal Cassidy, On The Road explores friendship, self-discovery, ambition, and naiveté. Jack Kerouac was one of America's great storytellers. He loved the American experience, had a deep compassion for humanity, and was on a never ending quest for freedom. I highly recommend this book to everyone I know who loves to read and those who don't. This book will change your life.

What are you currently reading? Leave a comment if you have a recommendation for me!

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