8 Interesting and Unique Gift Ideas Your Daughter Will Cherish Forever

Friday, July 19, 2019

When you give your daughter a gift, you want it to be something special, something that will bring a smile to her face. You want it to be an interesting and unique gift that she will cherish forever. There are all kinds of wonderful presents that you can choose from. Hopefully, this guide can help you sift through all of the many choices so that you can get something that your little girl (who may not be such a little girl anymore) will love.

When choosing a gift, it's important to consider your daughter’s interests and hobbies. The last thing you want to get for the woman who loves to fly is a bus ticket. She would much rather get a flight lesson or maybe even a skydiving adventure. If your fear is that you won’t pick something that is perfect for her, do a little research. You don’t have to be super stealthy about it either. Just have a conversation with her. Ask a few questions and really listen to the answers. Go to her house or to her room and look around. Ask questions about what you see and think about ways you can complement what she already has or further her dreams and goals.

1. Personalized Jewelry
Ladies appreciate a nice piece of jewelry. It doesn’t have to be high brow or set you back a few years for it to be loved and cherished. Getting your daughter a personalized locket or a necklace with her name on it is a great idea. It is unique to her and she will remember you fondly for it. When you’re looking for great personalized jewelry, see what you can find out at Adina’s Jewels.

2. Keepsake Box
Having a dedicated place to store all of her special items that hold significance in her life that comes from her parents is very thoughtful. It can be handmade from mahogany, cedar, oak or any other wood you like. It can have compartments or not. You can even take it a step further and have it engraved or add something to the box that will become the first cherished item to be laid in it. 

3. A Vacation
A trip can turn out to be the gift of a lifetime. Send your daughter on a trip to your ancestral homeland or maybe an island paradise. If she’s always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower or The Pyramids at Giza, you can send her there. Whether you take care of the transportation or the entire trip is up to you. If you can only finance one portion of the vacation, you may be able to sweeten the deal with new luggage, babysit your grandchildren or book tickets for some of the notable attractions at the destination.

4. A Leather Journal Set
If your daughter is really into journaling, sketching or organization this is a great gift. You can make it a little more interesting by having it engraved. You can put her name or an inspiring quote or an image. There are lots of options here. You can even choose the type of paper. There’s lined, unlined, dot grid and more. A leather journal set can be used again and again. You might even want to throw in an extra pack of pages for good measure.

5. Tickets
You can help create the memory of a lifetime by giving the gift of tickets to a Broadway show, a concert, a sporting event or something else that piques your daughter’s interest. If you want to boost the memorability of the moment, pick seats that you know they would never splurge on for themselves, like aisle seats in the orchestra section or a skybox. No matter the show or event you choose, the gift of an experience is one of the most unique gifts you could ever give. 

6. A Potted Plant
Many people think that a plant is temporary, but this doesn’t have to be the case. After all, there are trees that have lasted for centuries, and closed terrariums that have been sustaining themselves for decades. Some plants that make great gifts, and don’t need a whole lot of maintenance, include ferns, palms, dwarf lemon trees, aloe vera and many, many more. Choose a great pot that will allow the plant room to grow. Some of these will flower and some may not, and their growth will depend on the size of the pot. Many house plants can purify the air.

7. Start a Retirement Fund
If you have a daughter that is a young adult or just started working, starting an IRA retirement fund will be the gift that keeps on giving. It allows you to give them a head start on their future in a way that is more lasting and permanent than other offerings. Most young people are not thinking that far ahead when they first join the workforce. They’re thinking about a first car or getting their own place. But this little head start may get them thinking more long term, and allow them to retire a little earlier than they may have projected.

8. Electronics
In the age of information and technology, electronics are always a safe gift. Although tablets, laptops, smartphones and smartwatches aren’t unique in and of themselves, they can be personalized and customized to fit the needs and style of your daughter. If your daughter is a fitness freak, a smartwatch or fitness tracker will definitely make her smile. Having the ability to quickly and easily stay on top of her fitness goals with the tap of a wrist is sure to take your gift to the top of her most prized possessions list.

Whatever gift you decide to give your daughter, know that it will be appreciated. Although this saying gets tossed around a lot, it is very true: When giving a gift, it is always the thought that counts. As long as you put some thought into the gift and you bestow it on her sincerely and with love, she will hold it dear and remember you fondly for it.

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