Tips For Keeping Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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It’s common for bedrooms to get cluttered with stuff. Many of us don’t see this as an issue – the bedroom may well be the one room that you don’t allow guests in, so who cares if it’s messy? I am guilty of using our bedroom as a dumping ground for all the things. Books, clothes, extra pieces of furniture. Somehow it all ends up in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, a cluttered bedroom could be causing you to lose sleep. Many people find it harder to fall asleep when surrounded by clutter because the brain subconsciously feels there’s work still to be done. When your bedroom is tidy, you’re more likely to feel at peace and therefore more easily able to get to sleep.

On top of this, decluttering is useful simply for keeping your bedroom organized. You can access the things you need more easily – which can mean less stress when getting ready in the morning.

To help keep your bedroom clutter-free, here are just several steps that you can take.

Slim down your wardrobe
Having too many clothes is the biggest cause of bedroom clutter. If your wardrobe if overflowing and you can’t shut your clothing drawers, it could be time to get rid of some of those excess items.

Consider having a complete wardrobe makeover – a capsule wardrobe made up of a few essential items of clothing is something to aim for. Get rid of items of clothing that you honestly never wear. The Oprah Winfrey coat hanger method can be a great way of determining which clothing you really don’t need.

Rethink how you organize your clothes
There’s no need to hang all your dresses in the closet. Try to think seasonal – once winter comes around, consider packing away all your summer clothes in drawers, or even consider moving them to the attic or some other place in the house. This will help to free up further space in your closet.

Give your laundry a home
If your laundry often ends up strewn across the floor, consider finding a way to organize it. Buy a large laundry basket from Amish Baskets and keep it in your bedroom as a place for storing all the dirty laundry. You also might want a separate basket for clean laundry – many of us are guilty of emptying the dryer and taking our clean clothes up to the bedroom only to dump them on the floor to be sorted later. Having a basket for clean laundry allows you to delay this task if you’re busy without clothes sitting in a pile on the floor.

Organize jewelry, cosmetics, and toiletries
The tops of bedroom dressers can often get covered in stuff. The most common culprits tends to be jewelry, cosmetics and toiletries. Consider buying containers to keep these in to keep your bedroom feeling tidier (and try to get into the habit of putting these items back after you’ve used/worn them).

Consider a bed with in-built storage
Many of us stuff items under the bed, but choosing a bed with in-built storage will make the room tidier and more organized. Consider buying an Ottoman bed from Time2Sleep for this purpose. Buying an ottoman bed with dividers will help you to organize items like bedsheets, robes, and slippers rather than shoving them all in one compartments.

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