Love Your Curves: 5 Fashion Tips for Making Your Body Shape Work in Your Favor

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In most cultures, women with curvy body types are considered the pinnacle of femininity. It's only in recent decades that high fashion designers have focused on stick-figure models when they design their clothes. There's nothing wrong with either body type, but curvy women need to know how to dress for success just as much as skinny women do, but they tend to have less guidance from the fashion world.

Don't resort to just wearing the same outfit every day. Instead, learn how to love those curves and find clothes that will look great.

Experiment With Dresses
Don't just find one style of dress that feels comfortable and stick with it. Instead, experiment with different styles. These maxi dresses for women are a good place to start.

Embrace the Shape
Not all curvy girls have the same body shape. Some have an hourglass shape, while others are pear-shaped or triangle-shaped, but all body types are beautiful, and all women can embrace their curves by finding styles that suit them.

Keep in mind that wearing the wrong style of clothing or choosing a size that is too large in an attempt to hide those curves will only make curvy women look larger than they really are. Embracing that natural beauty and wearing clothes that offer a good fit will help women feel more confident and more comfortable.

Invest in Undergarments
Even the best-chosen outfit will not look right with the wrong undergarments. Invest in some high-quality bras and panties that will enhance those curves and offer plenty of support.

Most curvy women should pass on the shapewear, which makes grand promises but rarely delivers and is thought to pose certain health risks. More often than not, it will just create strange lumps where they don't belong. Instead of trying to hide their tummies in restrictive undergarments, curvier ladies should look for clothes that show off their shapes.

Avoid Boxy Styles
Curvier women should avoid boxy styles. That goes for both shirts and dresses. Instead, look for darted waists in shirts and experiment with different waist styles in dresses.

Some women love dresses with natural waistlines, while others prefer empire or antebellum waistlines. Choosing the right one is largely a matter of figuring out which of their beautiful curves women want to accent. Empire waists are great for those with triangle shapes, while natural waistlines are better for an hourglass or figure-eight shape.

Go Casual

Don't be afraid to prioritize comfort. There are plenty of clothes designed just for curvy women that are both stylish and comfortable, and few women feel genuinely good about themselves and their appearances after forcing themselves into unnecessarily restrictive clothing.

Have a particular style of dress that both feels and looks great? Try experimenting with different patterns or materials. It's often possible to find a look that will work for both formal and casual events.

The Bottom Line

All women are beautiful and the best way to show off any shape is by wearing clothing that fits comfortably and is designed to showcase curves, not hide them. Women should take some time before sitting down to buy new clothes online to determine their unique body shapes and check out what's in style this season that will complement them. They should never prioritize fitting in or keeping up with the Joneses over feeling comfortable in their own skin.

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