Playing Favorites: ShopRite's Wholesome Pantry Snacks

Monday, September 30, 2019

This post was written in partnership with ShopRite Stores.

I'm taking a detour from the regular format of Playing Favorites this month to spotlight a particular brand of food products that I am loving. Ever since I attended a luncheon where Robyn O'Brien was a speaker, I've been on a mission to eat cleaner, healthier. I was so inspired by O'Brien that I came home from the luncheon and swiftly took stock of my pantry and refrigerator contents. Although I didn't toss every bag item in there, I was forced to examine my family's eating preferences and decided to make positive changes.

Eight years ago, most organic foods were of the produce variety. Slowly over the years, more mainstream grocery items (cereals, snacks, soups, etc.) are now available in organic varieties. When ShopRite reached out to me offering a package of a sampling of its Wholesome Pantry line of organic snack products, I was only more than happy to give them a try.

I am certainly no stranger to the Wholesome Pantry line of products. ShopRite is my go-to grocery store, and I've been thrilled with the Wholesome Pantry products since ShopRite debuted them in 2016. To see some of my favorite post-workout Wholesome Pantry snacks, click here.

Wholesome Pantry Organic by ShopRite products are USDA Certified and comply with standards set by the USDA National Organic Program. All Wholesome Pantry products are grown and processed using only approved substances and without excluded food processing methods such as genetic engineering. When you choose Wholesome Pantry, you know you are getting the best ingredients for you and your family.

I like that so many of the items are offer grab and go convenience without sacrificing quality and healthy ingredients. The granola squares are a family favorite. This fall Harper is playing field hockey, and it has been so convenient to toss a few of these in her gym bag for before or after practice and games. I like them as a post-workout snack. I keep a few in my gym bag or purse and open it as I am leaving the gym.

My favorite desk-side snacks are nuts. I like something with some crunch and a punch of protein. Nuts are the best option, and Wholesome Pantry has you covered there. With cashews, almonds, pecans, trail mixes, and more. The Wholesome Pantry prices are reasonable, making it possible for me to stock up on our favorites.

Those snacks that are easy to grab are my ideal for when I am working. I wasn't sure I'd like the raw cashews as I generally eat them roasted and lightly salted, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good these simple cashews are. Without realizing it, I had eaten more than half the bag in less than an hour!

When I need something a little more substantial than just nuts, this fruit and nut bar really hits the spot as an afternoon snack. It's filled with dried cranberries and nuts, including almonds, macadamias, and cashews and has the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy any sugar craving.

Hands down, one of my favorite snacks from this package was the Wholesome pantry Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips. They were crunchy with a touch of sweetness but it wasn't overpowering. They were very similar to a yellow or white corn tortilla chip but a tad sweeter and healthier. I dipped them in my favorite salsa, but they are great in taco salads and with guacamole.

Whether you are on the go, popping them in a lunchbox, working, or lounging around the house, Wholesome Pantry snacks are the perfect companion to your favorite activities.

Next time you're at ShopRite, check out the vast collection of Wholesome Pantry products. You won't be disappointed. To find a ShopRite store near you, click here.

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