Monday, September 28, 2009
Every once in a while I check out my Live Traffic Feed and my Google Analytics stats. Lately, I've noticed a drop in my daily visits which, in turn, impacts my weekly and monthly stats. I've pondered why. Is my content unappealing, uninspiring, unexciting? Perhaps. But that's my life sometimes.

So, just when I'm feeling a bit down, I get a new follower to boost my spirits. For those of you who are non-bloggers, you have no idea what the thrill of a new follower does to a blogger. It lets me know that someone is reading, listening and enjoying what they see. It gives me encouragement which is exactly what I needed at the moment.

Whether you're a new or a loyal, longtime follower, thanks for sticking by me!

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April said...

I love reading your blogs Sheil and commend you on doing a spectacular job with them. Since I'm so far way, I get the feeling of being right there with all of you while I'm reading them. Keep up the great work! xoxox