Movin' on up

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
It's unbelievable to me that I have a second grader and a preschooler. It seems as if Emma just had her first day of preschool. Now it's Harper's turn.

Emma's first day of school was uneventful. It's old hat to her by now. The bus thing doesn't faze her. After all, she's one of the big kids now.

My second grader ready for her first day!
My preschooler...not so ready for her first day. Underneath this forced smile were tears just waiting to break through. After 3 days, I'm happy to report that our drop-offs are getting easier.I miss my babies!! :(

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Pootsie said...

Both girls are so cute...and just think back to Emma's preschool days! I am glad to hear it is going well for Harp! XO