More refrigerator clutter

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
If you're a mom, you're likely to have your fair share of refrigerator clutter. I, for one, can tell you that my fridge is littered with magnets, artwork (from years gone by), forms, inspirational pictures, coupons, reminder post-its, appointments cards, and more magnets. The last thing I need is more fridge fashion.

But on Saturday while we were at the Point Pleasant Beach seafood festival which included craft vendors, I inevitably came home with yet more magnets. While I was looking at some Halloween decorations, Harper wandered over to a basket filled with wooden stars with inspirational messages on them. Oh, great, just what we need, more stuff that will end up underneath beds. To my surprise, she had hit on some super cute magnets. They were $2.50 a piece or 3 for $6. We each chose one, and they are proudly displayed on our refrigerator!

How cute!

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