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Monday, September 28, 2009
On Saturday, Emma and I with Harper in tow decided to hit some yard sales. A neighboring town was having a town wide yard sale, and we decided to try our hand at the yard sale thing. I've done the antique shop, consignment and thrift store things but have never really been a big yard sale person. I'll bet you can guess the end to this story!

Let me begin by saying that my little spenders and I were out the door by 8:15 am. Henry couldn't believe his eyes! We started our morning at Starbucks, because shouldn't every morning start like that?? YES!! After our coffee (for me!) and hot chocolate (for the girls!) and pastries, we headed out. Our first stop didn't yield much. It was mostly big furniture, and we weren't in the market for that type of thing on this particular day. We moved on. Our second stop wasn't a success either. We were feeling a little defeated. We took a detour and stopped at Claire's so the girls could do some earring shopping. A quick duck into The Gap rounded out our retail therapy. At this point, we were going to give up on the yard sales, but I was determined to find something. Anything. I'm so glad we stuck it out. Now, we're addicts!!

Emma bought all of these Groovy Girls for $5. She also bought an American Girl book about hair and nails for $.50! I found a mini lamp shade, an Eiffel Tower print, a salt crock and a cat (the cat was a gag gift for my husband actually) all for $1 each.My big find of the day was this wine bottle holder. I loved it the minute I saw it. It was so unique and oh so French! And it was only $8!!!! Anywhere else this would have sold for at least $30. Couldn't you just imagine this in a stylish apartment on the Left Bank?

Here's a closer look...

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April said...

I love all of them especially the wine rack...it's got endless possibilities. Cute dolls!