I love a good snow storm!

Friday, February 5, 2010
We've been waiting a few hours for the snow to start falling. The kids are jumping out of their skin. I, for one, am looking forward to hunkering down for the weekend. I've got a nice, warm house and some good wines to sample.

As for tomorrow, while the kids are playing in the snow with the husband, I'll be printing, framing and hanging some pictures. When the kids come in to get warm and re-fuel, we'll be doing a stained glass hearts Valentine's Day craft. We'll also be making Valentine's Day cupcakes. It will be my turn to go outside and play after the crafts and baking. It won't be long before I'm too cold to tolerate the outdoors. We'll come inside for hot chocolate, but not before I've had a chance to take lots of pictures. I love snow pictures!

I love snow days. They promise the opportunity for a day at home to do lots or nothing at all.

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