The saga continues...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
If you remember, a few weeks ago Harper's preschool teacher approached me with this issue. I was distraught and overwhelmed. My head was spinning. Where do I start? What should I do? Who should we consult first?

Since she had a follow-up visit for an ear infection just days later, we decided to start with her pediatrician. The pediatrician examined Harper's ears and told us that there was still quite a bit of fluid in her ears but no more infection. It could be residual fluid from the ear infection and is still in the process of draining. Or not. Meaning the fluid wasn't draining on its own. She also performed a hearing test which Harper failed.

She then examined her tongue. Nothing changed from a year prior when it was last examined. She was still tongue-tied. She recommended that we take Harper to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist for a full evalution and hearing tests. And referred us to a speech pathologist for an assessment.

I immediately made an appointment with the ENT. The appointment was last Wednesday. Harper had a series of hearing tests performed with the result that she's hearing at 70% capacity. Not good. The doctor said she'd had to have ventilation tubes placed in her ears and her tongue clipped to enable mobility. Oh and by the way, all this would be done the following Monday (yesterday). Ugh! How would I mentally prepare myself in 4 days?

But I did. As for my little Harper...she was superstar! No fussing when the doctor and nurse took her away from me and up to the operating room. Such a brave little girl she was. Her momma? Not so much. I sat in the waiting room with my sister-in-law Bev and cried. But just as I stopped, the doctor came in to tell me that the surgery was completed and a nurse would escort me to the recovery room. Less than 15 minutes! I'm so proud of my baby!

Next up? A follow up in 3 weeks with the ENT who will assess whether she needs to work with a speech pathologist.

It's definitely not a dull life!


Katherine said...

I am so glad she is OK!! I got choked up when you talked about her going off to the OR on her own. A little later this month my 9 year old is having some major dental work done at the children's hospital I work at... I know "the walk" so well after having seen it so many times, and now my daughter will have to walk it. Sniff! I will be just like you - cry after she leaves!

Pootsie said...

SO very glad everything worked out well!! XO

Bren said...

My liitle Harpy is such a brave little girl. Good job.