What's in a name?

Thursday, February 4, 2010
The problem with unisex names is that someone who has never met your child doesn't know whether said child is male or female. Obviously, we never encountered this problem with Emma. But with Harper, it has been a completely different can of worms. It's been random, mostly when the dentist's office calls, Harper is always referred to as "he". It's totally annoying.

More recently, the ENT and surgery center have been calling to check up on Harper's post-op state. Very courteous phone calls and incredibly nice personnel, but all that is lost on me when they ask how "he's" doing. I've been very tactful about it. Thanking them for their concern, and oh by the way, Harper is a female, I tell them. Hoping they don't make the same mistake twice. But, much to my dismay, they do the very next day. Now it's getting really annoying.

On a slightly similar topic, my husband was in Dallas last year for a trade show. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were at the convention center signing pictures. Of course, my husband stood in line, more than likely to get a glimpse of the gorgeous ladies rather than a signed picture, but anyway. He makes it to the front of the line and tells one of the cheerleaders the girls' names, Emma and Harper.  She writes, "Dear Emma and Harver...." Are you kidding me? Harver? Who would do that to their child? I know these cheerleaders aren't rocket scientists, but puh-leez!

One more name story. Every year we send a Christmas card to acquaintances. Every. Year. And every year they send one back to us addressed to Henry, Sheila, Emma, and Parker. Parker? Again, are you kidding me? Do they even take the time to look at our card? Obviously not. That's annoying.

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April said...

I have the same problem though a little different. When I give Starbucks my name, they always write "Mabel" on the cup. Same thing when I introduce myself to crew members when flying...they all say "Mabel."