Tackle It Tuesday: Assembling a play kitchen

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Saturday was Harper's 4th birthday. One of the gifts on which her heart was set was a new play kitchen. Keep in mind that we already have a perfectly functional play kitchen in complete working order. But Harper wanted something new.

I sent my husband on a mission last Friday to pick up the gifts. Much to his credit, he came home with everything for which I asked, in the colors I requested. Well done, Hon!

At about 11 pm, I sat down to assemble the kitchen, assuming it would take up to an hour, tops! At 2 am I was placing the last of about 20 stickers on the kitchen. Ugh!

Here's what I pulled out of the box:
Overwhelming, to say the least.

Forty minutes later, this was the scene:

By 1 am, I had made some serious progress, but still had to place the back on the unit.

Voila! Mission accomplished, but not without a little blood, sweat and tears!!

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Taly said...

Wow, great job!

Angie said...

We have that exact kitchen set, and the kids LOVE it! So good for boys and girls!

So nice to 'meet' you :))