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Sunday, February 21, 2010
As a mother, I'm always encouraging my daughters to be independent thinkers. It's important to me that they are able to make their own choices and decisions. Granted, they still are very young, but I want them to learn at a young age that they are capable of making even the simplest decisions on their own.

Lately, and much to my dismay, Emma has fallen under the influence of some of her peers. She has a great group of friends who do well in school and have wonderful families. So, what's the problem you ask? Problem is that if one of the girls has something that Emma doesn't, she suddenly wants it. A few weeks ago it was a $3 lipgloss. Not a big deal with the exception of going to 4 different places before we finally found the exact item. Earlier this week, it was a Pillow Pal. We didn't buy it for Emma. I told her she'd have to save her money for it. Yesterday it was a new backpack. It's exhausting.

I try seeing things from her perspective. I can remember being in high school and being envious of some of the other girls. They always seemed to have the "it" shoes, clothes, hair styles. I wanted so much to have what they had. I completely understand where Emma's coming from. I don't remember feeling that way in second grade. In fact, I can't remember it being important in second grade. But still, I know that feeling of wanting what others have.

We are trying to accommodate her within reason and at the same time teach her that she can't get everything she wants on a whim. It's just not practical or financially feasible. They are tough lessons for a seven year old, but they are lessons that are important to teach. It's tough love. She'll be thanking us when she's 25.

Alas, did she get the backpack? Well, yes. I bought her the $40 Jansport backpack, but I did stop short of the $100 Northface ski jacket. See, I'm setting limits.

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