A conversation with a four year old

Saturday, May 22, 2010
Today I got sucked into a question and answer session with Harper. Her questions being "Why?" and my answers being of the curt variety. I had just finished working out. I was hot, sweaty, and in dire need of a shower. Here's how it went down:

Legend: S = Sheila    H = Harper

Scene: We were in the bathroom. My hand was on the faucet ready to turn on the water to take a (much needed) shower.

H: Why are you turning on the water?
S: I'm going to take a shower.
H: Why?
S: I just finished exercising, and I really need a shower.
H: Why do you exercise?
S: It's good for your body. You need exercise to stay healthy.
H: You said eating fruits and vegetables is healthy for you.
S: Well, it is, but your body needs exercise too. When you combine exercise with healthy eating, your body stays super healthy.
H: What does "combine" mean?
S: It means adding two or more things together.
H: What happens if you don't exercise?
S: Exercise keeps your heart healthy. You could become sick if you don't exercise.
H: What's your heart? Is it red and heart shaped?

At this point, the sweat was starting to recede back into my pores. Not good. I was in desperate need of a shower. I wasn't sure how much longer this conversation could go on.

S: It's the organ in your body that keeps you alive. {I knew she wasn't getting this, but I was going with it.}
H: What happens when you're not alive?
S: You die. {Sorry, but patience was waning at this point}
H: What happens when you die?
S: You go to Heaven, a place where you live after you've lived your life here on Earth.
H: What happens when you are born?
S: When you are born, you come out of your mommy's belly as a little baby.
H: How do you get a baby?
S: Well, {before I have a chance to answer, she interrupts}
H: Daddy says that if you mix flour, water, eggs and sugar together, you get a baby.

{OMG, are you kidding me?}

S: Well, not exactly.
H: And he said if you don't put a lot of sugar in, the babies grow up to be mean.
S: Yes, that's a possibility.
H: I like babies. Can we go downstairs and make a baby in the kitchen?
S: Maybe after my shower. {Thinking she'd become distracted with something else while I showered}

Lucky for me, she became distracted with another project, learning to draw horses. Hopefully, we won't be revisiting this topic anytime soon. Not only did I need a shower, I needed a nap. That conversation exhausted me.


TAE said...

Hi Sheila. I love your page. Your daughters are cutie pies. I'm new to blogging and I was hoping you could give me some tips on how to spice up my page. Thanks.

Banteringblonde said...

WOW that was too cute - I smiled the whole way through and giggling STILL at the "can we go downstairs and make a baby in the kitchen"? so fun so fun it goes so fast!

Pootsie said...

My brother is out of control! What an adorable story! XO

Stephanie said...

Hahahaha- I love how your husband described how to make a baby!