My Mother's Day celebrations

Thursday, May 13, 2010
My Mother's Day festivities kicked off last Thursday when the moms were invited to spend an hour at preschool. We got a taste of their activities and how their morning plays out. They sang some songs for us.

Some children were able to pick their job for the day.

They posed for pictures with their proud mommies!

On Friday, the girls and I joined some other Philly-area mom bloggers and their children in the audience of the NBC 10! Show. The show was taped at 10 am and aired at 11 am. Lots of fun!

Photo op in the hosts' seats!

On Saturday, my nephew and his wife hosted us for Mother's Day. We also celebrated Emma's birthday a bit early. She was surrounded by sweet treats!

However, when she woke the next day, Mother's Day, she wasn't feeling so well. She went to bed early and missed our special dinner. :( She was so upset, and I missed her at the table. But I had a fantastic few days.

As it turned out, she had an ear infection and missed a few days of school, including her birthday. :(

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Pootsie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mom's Day! Hope Emma is feeling better now! XO