Friday Fun

Friday, May 14, 2010
Today turned out to be a fabulous day at the Jersey shore. I was expecting rain, and therefore, planned my day around running errands and getting some things done around the house. Instead I ditched the plans for the house and after finishing the errands, Harper and I spontaneously headed to the beach.

When I parked the car, it was about 88 degrees. I parked just steps away from the beach. By the time we made it to the water's edge, it must have been 20 degrees cooler. But, hey, I'm not one to complain.

It's been a loooong winter.
It won't be long before the crowds line up for the quintessential Jersey breakfast sandwich, pork roll and cheese on a hard roll. Can't wait for summer!


Pootsie said...

GREAT beach pictures!! Summer at the beach is so much fun!

Small Burst said...

These are great pics. Love the first photo and that beach looks so inviting. How lovely you had the beach to yourselves.